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Retrato de un doctor joven

Dr. Manuel Alexis Vargas Robles

General Surgery and Advanced Laparoscopy, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy


Professional ID 7771425

Specialty Certificate 11146483

CMCG Certificate C18016218


General Surgery 2014 - 2018 HCN PEMEX


Head of Residents March 2017 - February 2018

Diploma in Advanced Laparoscopy UNAM - HJM 2017


Diploma in Diabetes Education Valladolid, Spain 2013


Member of AMCG and American College of Surgeons ID 03267764


Achievements and Responsibilities

  • Decrease of 10% in the execution time of the General Surgery Operational Program, with which an increase of 20% was achieved in the review of Academic Articles, related to the most frequent pathologies of the service


  • Implementation of the relationship with the current Coordinator of the Extramural Surgery Program in Tapachula Chiapas with assistance of 100% of the R4, 50% of the R3 and 20% of the R2


  • Generation of the promotion plan for the preparation of R2 and R3 theses by 55% vs 10% in previous years; supported by the creation of a database of all surgeries of the General Surgery service, from January 2017 to date


  • Inclusion of 100% of the R4 to the Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Diploma of the Medical-Surgical Society of the Hospital Juárez de México


  • Initiation of external rotations from R2 for the first time in the service, also increasing 50% of external rotations from R3 and 25% from R4, achieving a total of 25 external rotations, to hospitals including an international one


  • Management and coordination of the total rotations of the General Surgery Residency for the 2017-2018 cycle, including 11 different services with an average of 22 surgeries per week; for each resident achieving 100% of the service demand



Médico Certificado

Professional Certificates 7771425

Specialty ID 11146483

General Surgery Certificate 18016218

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Captura de pantalla 2020-06-26 a la(s) 1

Work experience


  • Currently General Surgeon at Victorio de la Fuente Narváez Magdalena de las Salinas IMSS Traumatology Hospital since January 2019 - to date

  • Member of the ACELOP surgical solutions and CBMD team at Dalinde Medical Center with Dr. Luis Adolfo Aceves López March 2018- February 2019

  • Surgeon General at IMSS HGZ 48 from June 2018 to December 2018

  • Chief of General Surgery Residents leading a team of eighteen residents March 2017-February 2018

  • Private Office as General Physician 2013-2014

  • Doctor on call at Hospital San Angel Inn Sur 2013

  • Social Service at ISEM Teotihuacan 2012

  • Undergraduate Internship at IMSS 76 Xalostoc 2011

  • First and Second Assistant in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2009-2011

  • Consultant Assistant, Procedures and Surgeries of Gynecology and Obstetrics 2008-2009






  • ABLS 2016

  • ATLS 2015

  • ACLS 2013

  • BLS 2013




Works and Publications


  • Carotid Disease chapter in the book Atherosclerosis, Arteriosclerosis and Arteriolosclerosis (2019) IntechOpen (2020)


  • Rotation of the double local flap of the outer edge of the eye, after a tumor due to poorly differentiated basal cell carcinoma: A proposal for an approach not described in the literature, Revista Médica de Petróleos Mexicanos (2019)


  • Surgical Site Infection in Endarterectomy Using Dacron Patch; Mexican Journal of Angiology (2018)


  • Crohn's Appendicular, Case Report; Medical Portals Magazine (2018)



  • Comparison between the most popular methods for predicting the stone free rate after percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Mexican Journal of Urology (2017)


Presentation of Poster Author


  • Acute appendicitis modified by drugs, with atypical presentation in senile patients, when the simple becomes complex. Case report in HGZ 48 IMSS (In Press 2020) AMCG


  • Giant morel-lavallée syndrome complicated with extensive necrotizing fasciitis, need for negative pressure therapy and skin grafts secondary to high-energy trauma, case report of the Dr. Victororio de la Fuente Narváez IMSS trauma hospital (In Press 2020) AMCG


  • Trauma appendicitis, a rare but possible disease (In Press 2020) AMCG


  • "Hidden pneumothorax coupled with bullae as a tomographic finding secondary to closed chest trauma in a pediatric patient at the Victorio de la Fuente Narváez Traumatology Hospital, Magdalena de las Salinas of the IMSS" (2019) AMCG


  • "Double cystic duct in a single gallbladder, laparoscopic intraoperative diagnosis, an unusual finding, case report in the HCN PEMEX" (2018) AMCG


  • "Giant Inguinal Hernia, a great challenge for the General Surgeon, regarding a case in the Hospital Central Norte de PEMEX" (2017) AMCG


  • "Rotation of the double local flap of the outer edge of the eye, after a tumor of the poorly differentiated modular basal cell carcinoma type, a proposed approach not described in the bibliography" (2017) AMCG


  • "Full thickness graft, a solution for necrotizing fasciitis after abdominoplasty" (2017) AMCPER Congress


  • "Anomalous superior vena cava in a patient with trisomy 21 differential diagnosis in superior vena cava syndrome at the HCN Pemex" (2016) National Congress of Angiology and Vascular Surgery


  • "Mustardé flap an aesthetic and functional treatment for Merkel Cell Carcinoma" (2016) AMCG


  • "Gallstone ileus a diagnosis to be taken into account as a rare cause of intestinal obstruction" (2016) AMCG


  • “Rotation of the medial calf pedicle flap, a current option in wound reconstruction” (2016) AMCG


  • "Intussusception due to Meckel's diverticulum in adults, a diagnosis that we must not forget" (2016) AMCG


  • "Long-standing inadvertent traumatic diaphragmatic hernia as a differential diagnosis in intestinal occlusion" (2015) AMCG



Co-Author Poster Presentation


  • Cholecystectomy + laparoscopic bile duct exploration with flexible cystoscope. Case report (2019) AMCE


  • Endoscopic management of a late complication of thoraco-abdominal trauma (2019) AMCG


  • Video-assisted thoracoscopy (vats) in treatment of empyema due to pneumonia by ah1n1. Case report (2019) AMCG


  • "Atypical presentation of appendicular mucocele" (2018) AMCG


  • "Technological advances in neck surgery: minimally invasive parathyroidectomy for hyperparathyroidism in cervical re-exploration secondary to advanced thyroid cancer" (2018) AMCG


  • “Importance of Tomography with 3D Reconstruction in the diagnostic approach of abdominal wall hernias with laparoscopic resolution at Dalinde Medical Center (Accepted 2018) AMCG


  • "Carotid Angioplasty report of a case" (2017) AMCG


  • "Conservative surgical treatment in a patient with jejunal-jejunal intussusception secondary to Peutz-Jeghers syndrome" National Congress of Pediatrics (2017)


  • "Avoiding the recurrence of acute diverticulitis, an effective solution" (2017) AMCG


  • “Management with esophageal stent of a complication of bariatric surgery” (2017) AMCE


  • "Geriatric surgery: experience at the Hospital Central Norte De Pemex" (2016) AMCG


  • "Efficacy of laparoscopic appendectomy in the north central hospital of PEMEX" (2016) AMCG


  • "Extraction of giant stone by laparoscopic cholecystectomy with bile duct exploration" (2016) AMCG


  • "Dedifferentiated papillary thyroid carcinoma in men with Hashimoto's thyroiditis" (2016) AMCG


  • "Plummer's disease with intrathoracic extension" (2016) AMCG


  • "Atresia and intestinal ischemia, about a case" (2015) AMCG


  • "Pancreatic pseudocyst, laparoscopic drainage" (2015) AMCG


  • "Bilateral pneumothorax perforation of the colon secondary to barotrauma by colonoscopy" (2015) AMCG


  • “Atypical presentation of caecal volvulus. report of a case in the central north hospital of PEMEX "(2014) AMCG


  • "Intestinal tuberculosis, still current disease" (2014) AMCG





  • Academic session dissection and aortic aneurysms, Hospital Central Norte PEMEX (2016)


  • Physical bases of ultrasound, UVM Lomas Verdes (2009)





  • Online session How to diagnose and treat gastric cancer early? May 2020 Mexican Association of Gastroenterology

  • Online session How should the GERD patient who is considered for surgery 2020 be studied? May 2020 Mexican Association of Gastroenterology

  • Masks, protective equipment: characteristics and recommendations for use May 2020 AMCG

  • UPDATE SYMPOSIUM Priority approaches to diseases of the digestive system, liver endoscopy and surgery in times of COVID-19 April 2019 MEDIX, AM.CG, AMC, AMEG

  • Assistant to the International Congress of General Surgery (2015, 2016, 2017, 2019) AND ECOS (2018, 2019, 2020)

  • Olympus Product Training event: Basic Colonoscopy with Olympus System Master Class Feb 2020

  • Course-Workshop Acute non-variceal ENDOMEDIC hemorrhage Nov 2019


  • Attendance at the Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons SFO Aug 2019








  • Course "Art and Science of Parenteral Nutrition" UNAM - BAXTER (2018)


  • Basic course of good treatment IMSS April 2018


  • Course "Management of Open Abdomen With Negative Pressure Therapy" General Hospital "Dr. Manuel Gea González ”(2017)


  • Course "Laparoscopic Procedures of the Esophageal Hiatus" CECMI (2017)


  • Hand Surgery Workshop; Dr. Francisco Ferreira UNAM (2017)


  • International Course of Hand Surgery INR (2017)


  • Assistant to the second course of selected topics of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery "CICOM" of the UNAM Faculty of Medicine (2017)


  • Virtual Course "Challenges and innovations in Plastic Surgery" of the Medical-Surgical Society of the Hospital Juárez de México (2016-2017)


  • Virtual Course "Trauma Surgery" of the Medical-Surgical Society of the Hospital Juárez de México (2016-2017)


  • Course as the experts do "Pancreas-Bile Duct Surgery and Trauma Surgery" (2016)


  • Theoretical-Practical Course of Microsurgery of the National Cancer Institute (2016)


  • Atrial reconstruction workshop of the Foundation for Craniofacial Anomalies “Dr. Fernando Ortíz Monasterio ”(2016)


  • Pre-congress course: PG I State of the art in wound management (2016)


  • Virtual Course "Vascular Pathology for the General Physician" Medical-Surgical Society of the Hospital Juárez de México AC (2015)


  • Course-Workshop of Dissection in Corpse of Skin Flaps, Hospital De la Paz, Madrid (2015)


  • Microsurgery Course-Workshop LEVEL I Hospital ABC Observatorio (2015)


  • Attendant of the "1st Symposium of Workshop on Advanced Wound Management" (2013)


  • Assistant at the “Pain Forum” Pfizer Hacienda Cantalagua (2013)


  • Participation in the Women's Cancer Module; Cleveland Clinic (2013)


  • Participation in the Ophthalmology and First Contact Physician Module; Cleveland Clinic (2013)


  • Participation in Legal and Forensic Medicine; Cleveland Clinic (2013)


  • Assistant at the Symposium "Diabetes, Obesity and Dyslipidemias"; CEDOPEC-AMMPC (2013)


  • I International Congress of Hyperbaric Medicine; INR (2012)


  • III International Congress of Research in Rehabilitation; INR (2012)


  • Livemed Direct Module of Medical-Surgical Emergencies by SOLAMI, Livemed, Mexican Society of Emergency Medicine AC (2012)


  • First Contact Update Course by Livemed (2012)


  • International Medical Forum by Livemed and Cleveland Clinic (2012)


  • Module of the UNAM Internal Medicine Update Diploma (2012)


  • Internal Medicine Update Course for General Practitioners; FACMED-UNAM (2012)


  • Accreditation report of the Centro de Salud Rural Disperso Santa María Palapa, Teotihuacan in "Capacity, Quality and Safety for Medical Care" During Social Service (2011-2012)


  • First and Second Assistant during Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeries in Private Practice. (2009-2011) Dr. Luis Buján Tinoco, at Hospital San José Satélite and Cosmedik Polanco


  • Therapeutic diagnostic approach to the most frequent pathologies for the general practitioner; UNAM FESI (2010)


  • 1st Congress of Anesthesiology; Hospital San Angel Inn (2010)


  • XIX Pediatric Emergency Refresher Course; CMNR (2009)


  • Basic electrocardiography workshop UNAM FESI (2009)


  • News in Laser in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; HGM (2009)


  • Symposium Diagnosis and treatment of the most frequent pathologies of the mammary gland; HGM (2009)


  • First theoretical demonstrative course of ultrasonography for the general practitioner; UNAM FESI (2008)


  • Course Introduction to endoscopic surgery for students of the Medical Surgeon career of the FESI; UNAM FESI (2008)

  • First aid course; UNAM FESI (2006)

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